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Working with Creative Home Investments was great. We love our new house and could not be happier. (You) were great to work with. I (we) would highly recommend purchasing a home through their company...I (we) hope this is a help to you and your company. Thanks for everything you did for us. We have been in the house over a week and love it.
Kevin and Colleen Carey
Clermont, FL

We had an issue on my (our) credit, which prevented me (us) from obtaining a conventional type mortgage. The house that we had been living in for two years, and were attempting to purchase, without success, was about to be put on the market. We would have been left out in the cold. (Creative Home Investments) and (their) team entered into this scenario and made it possible for us to purchase the home. (Their) method has given us, in essence, the same (benefits) as a conventional mortgage would provide. (They) worked with us, and was (were) receptive to our needs and desires. (They) were very easy to reach, and had answers to all of our questions. (They) came through in a very efficient manner to get us the house. Thanks to (you) we have achieved what we wanted. I'm (we're) not sure what we would have done without Creative Home Investments, Inc...I (we) am (are) enthusiastically recommending Creative Home Investments, Inc. to anyone! Thanks again to...all at CHI (Creative Home Investments)!
Alan and Elizabeth Starkey
Davenport, FL

Dear (Creative Home Investments): I just wanted to let you know that it have (has) been my pleasure to work with you on my new home purchase. you and your agency...have been very helpful and deligent in the selling process of my new home. I wanted to thank you and let you know that your job has been more than great. Once again, thank you.
Carlos Bonetti
Orlando, FL

Thanks for everything you (Creative Home Investments, Inc.) did and (for) helping me with the buy (purchase) of my house. That (it) was very nice of you to take on the responsibility of my roof. You didn't have to do that. Other people would've left it up to me, but you didn't. And, for that I'm grateful. And (may) God bless you and (may) you continue to have a good year.
Subrina Renfro
Orlando, FL

(Creative Home Investments) and associates have helped us move into our new home...We really appreciate all the help (they) have rendered to us. We strongly recommend Creative Home Investments, Inc.
Edith and Sylvia Perez
Kissimmee, FL

We have done business through Creative Home Investments. They (the representatives) do business in a very honest and upright manner. They have very good communication and follow up skills. We would highly recommend them in any further business dealings. Feel free to call us for any verbal recommendations.
Jim and Sandy Smith
Orlando, FL

We called Creative Home Investments a couple of days ago about (a) property in Apopka (Florida). We agreed to meet (with the representatives) and talk. Before meeting them, they gave us access to the property so we could see what it looked like to make sure we wanted the house. When we met face to face, they were extremely friendly, helpful, informative, (and) answered all the questions we had, (and) talked about options we could persue. I found them to be very friendly people. They made things very easy and smooth in the transition of the property (property transaction). We've called them several times with questions, (and) they always took time answering them (and) expanding on information where they thought it was needed. We will highly recommend them (Creative Home Investments) to anyone looking for property, (a) real estate agent, or (for) property management. We enjoyed meeting and working with them very much.
Michael and Leslie Lett
Apopka, FL

I have worked with Creative Home Investments and was very satisfied with their service. They were always there when I needed them. In the near future, I hope to work with them again when I return to Florida. Thank You!
Stacey Robinson
Cresco, PA

We would like to express our thanks for the QUICK AND COURTEOUS SERVICE from you. We had the keys to our new home in 72 hours from our first call. Thank You!
Robert Seitzma and Becky Getz
Orlando, FL

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